About us​

What is ASTRAM™ really about…

In short, we are creating a new way of thinking about our place in this conscious reality, and how vibration, energy and intention combined with ancient knowledge (and the wisdom to wield it) can transform ourselves, our world, our place in this SHIFTING reality.

The Academy

First and foremost, we are both a school for advanced learning and a network of individuals & organizations for students, teachers, practitioners & researchers seeking to attain higher conscious awareness.

The ASTRAM™ Academy is a school for ‘higher learning’; literally, for better understanding the Heavens above us and their connection to the Worlds below.

The only admission requirement is a desire to understand yourself and Universe a little bit better. As you move through the program you may wish to focus on different areas, which will often require some prerequisite knowledge.

Yes! We have the free introduction class, which is completely free….as well as others in The Learning Center. We also have recorded resource webinars that are already online, which we will be archiving here.

There are two primary options: The option we recommend is “The Astrology Course”, which teaches the primary fundamentals for furthering all other course work; and includes the nine parts over 26 weeks (6 months) — the ‘Pillars’, the ‘Trivium’ & the ‘Quadrivium’ **See more here.

The second is the initiatory option of the ‘Pillars’ & ‘Trivium’ only, which allows you to take the ‘Quadrivium’ at a later time.

Yes & No. There are options to take the course ‘online only’. Some may wish to participate in the bi-monthly online live group check-ins, others may only wish to take the weekly self-directed course. Some may choose to take the full certification path, as well as individual ‘private tutoring’ or the “transformational accountability” group.

We are also preparing to offer full in-person weekend retreat intensive trainings for a collective demonstration of the materials presented, through the teachings, experiments and the ceremonial experiences.

Some Facts!

For those who want to know…

Meaning is Everything

“ASTRAM-Sanskrit, referring to the supreme celestial ‘weapon’ of knowledge of the stars by which one achieves perfection.” ‘Astra’ with the feminine ‘m’ suffix, is described as a tool from Heavens, seen as the lightening of bolt (vajra) of awareness, striking the Earth, charging the Elements, wiping away ignorance or destroying those who chose to remain ignorant of our connected consciousness as One connected whole. 

For those who chose to remain in ego and not recognize one’s connection to divinity, this awareness will come to dismantle one world and empower the next. 

Become the compassionate keeper of nature’s wisdoms and learn the truth of our reality. 

The seed idea for ASTRAM™ was born out a small initiative in the Spring of 2005 to create a metaphysical research community for exploring ideas of consciousness, the nature or G-d, esoterica and astrology. A local astrology group was officially established in 2006 in Austin, Texas, The Astrological Society of Austin, as a chapter of NCGR (National Council for Geocosmic Research). The ASA reformed in 2009, as an independent Texas non-profit membership organization.

The ASA excelled as a platform for teachers and organizations from around the world to come and share wisdom through the lecture & workshop series. From its inception until 2018, it was very active in state, national and international astrological communities with participation with NCGR, Kepler College, ISAR, OPA, AFAN, NORWAC, IVC India, UAC, and many other organizations & conferences. In July 2018, members of the ASA, separately formed ASTRAM™ with The SHIFT Foundation™, a non-profit. It’s purpose was to provide periodic classes and act as network container for media outreach initiative. The ASA lost several key board members in the Fall of that year causing a call for dissolution; ASA served the community in ‘official capacity’ until it was legally dissolved in November 2018, and it’s books, branding & remaining assets were turned over to The SHIFT™ to administer. The last official meeting of the ASA was in Jan 2020, just prior to the CV-19 pandemic outbreak. (**The ASA as membership organization was ended and the group was “mothballed” ,yet, still functions as an archived local association, waiting now for the next generation to take it over again full time.)

ASTRAM™ formed its own independent body of work and served as an outreach voice in a joint capacity with the ASA and The SHIFT Foundation; hosting & co-hosting numerous lectures, workshops, and retreats. In the Spring of 2022, during the pandemic, the decision was made to evolve ASTRAM™ into an online school and community network. Human consciousness is rapidly shifting and we are refining our purpose and functions along with it. The organization currently serves as venture with TheSHIFT, which is the Texas 501.C.3 non-profit compliant parent organization.

ASTRAM™ was formed as a representative grassroots organization of the New Aquarian Age, here to help facilitate the bridging of the old with the new, the spiritual with the scientific, the lower with the higher, the ‘analog’ mind with the ‘digital’ reality.

Our purpose is a part of the collective humanitarian cause for a better more integrated future with spirituality and technology working together to hold and raise the better parts of humanity to the next level, while stepping away from the divided thinking that pervades all facets our society. “The ‘truth’ will set you free…”

Our ‘saluation’ states our purpose for us:

~“May Everything Be Illuminated”~

We offer classes that are exclusive to the ASTRAM Academy for certification purposes and for proprietary affiliate teaching program. You will not learn much of this information anywhere else. **Please see policies on ASTRAM content.

The Learning Center | TLC is our outlet for “non-exclusive” content from the ASTRAM™ affiliate teachers, lecturers and guest speakers. We are creating a library of both free & paid content from past lectures and new offerings in ASTRAMTLC.

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