What is the ASTRAM Alliance?

The ASTRAM Alliance is a affiliated network of individuals. organizations, schools, conscious workers, healers, researchers, practitioners, astrologers, metaphysicians, and all manner of “natural philosophers”, who are carrying the torch for changing both our personal and collective realities.

JOIN THE NETWORK & FORWARD IT ON! You do not need to be a student or ‘member’ of ASTRAM to get listed here. This is a place to connect with likeminds for a variety of topics and other offerings!

ASTRAM Alliance & Affiliation

The Alliance & Affiliation is here to act as a directory & guide for any and all seekers & practitioners of esoteric and psychological studies. Facilitators & students, as well as, associated organizations are welcome. Just get listed!

Yes! There is no obligation or requirement for you to be listed here. The only prerequisite is the desire to seek truth within yourself, and to help others in this process. **No offense to AI but only biological humans are allowed listings. Abusive users & bots will be terminated!

Of course! We are based in the U.S .but we have taught all over the world and we encourage international participation. We are part of the “true rainbow” light bridge.

ASTRAM™ started as a local group, so of course we see organizations and affiliations of all sizes. It’s very important to the global consciousness network for like-minds to be able to find one another, wherever they may be. .

Yes & No. There is no reason for anyone to travel for classes or for testing. We are not quite yet an “international organization” but there are many local individuals & groups associated with ASTRAM™ across the United States, Europe, Africa, South America, India and South Asia. Each local group should meet in-person as they so wish. We are also preparing to offer full in-person weekend retreat intensive trainings for a collective demonstration of the materials presented, both through teaching and ceremony.

Many places do not have a local group of esotericists, metaphysicians or astrologers. Part of the reason for the local meeting groups are is to establish a community. If you would like to start a local group, let us know and we will set up a listing and give you adminship to form the group.

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This coursework is a synthesis of many traditions and decades of work in many interdisciplinary areas of metaphysical and consciousness studies, with people from all walks of life both participating & teaching.

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