Our Temple Policy

What is a “temple policy”?

In the ancient world, the ‘temple’ was the center of life, and for some it still is. It was teaching, learning, connecting with each other & maintaining reverence to the ‘divine’ and unseen realities.

So what does it mean to have “temple policy” in a school or organization, or maybe anywhere in any setting for instruction? Respect, first and foremost.

No Politics & No Religion

“To be in the World, but not of the World.”

With the state of the sensitivities in our daily lives with others, it can be very challenging not to ‘take a side’, yet stand up for what you think is right. That is exactly what we are being asked to do, to “walk the razor’s edge'”; this is one of our core tenants.

In lodge & temple work there is no debating of personal politics or religious beliefs. This does not mean political or religious topics cannot be objectively discussed, or analyzed when permitted, for the value of the lessons they provide.





Non-divisiveness & Reunification

We strive to cultivate & speak a non-divisive language. The does not mean that we are relinquishing agency to others. Instead, we are returning agency to ourselves through the axiom “Know thyself”.

We ask that all participants treat the portals to our school as the entryways to ‘temple space’, and that those within are equal in intention and in spirit.