Follow a Flowing Path of Spectral Light

Light holds all the answers! In every particle of light reflects the fundamental patterns of Universe. This coursework has been crafted to better understand our reality, using the mathematical codes of the electromagnetic spectrum, the myths & the archetypes, the mysterious signs & symbols of ancient knowledge. Decode mysteries of life for yourself with a better understanding of Conscious language. The Cosmos Decoded!

Let’s start by answering some obvious questions first!


  • An Academy for learning classical wisdom & much more…
  • An Alliance of spiritual teachers, practitioners & seekers…
  • And coming in 2024 a place for Horoscopes…!

We created the “Meta-Mind Method” as a natural byproduct of utilizing the principles of which we teach. Using the mind & breath, linked to our inner source, we can better manifest our outer reality by knowing the code on which it is built and how to activate that code from within.

“Conscious language” is a term used to describe the merger of many interdisciplinary fields of study into a common unified language for use by the ‘higher faculties’. We call ‘our dialect’ of the metaphysical, alchemical, and astrological systems, “The Language of Light”. The mathematics of energy, frequency and vibration, which correspond to the patterns, archetypes and flow of nature makes up the core of ALL of the other teachings and practices in the ASTRAM system.

We have been teaching various fusions of astrology for many years. We felt a need to synthesize multiple disciplines of thought into one system — so we did so. By using the “Seven Classical Liberal Arts” methods of antiquity and the renaissance as the backbone of the cirriculum, we created a systemized way to understand many mystical, theological, mathematical and modern scientific principles by bridging these languages. to better teach them.

“The Astrology Course” from ASTRAM™ is not another set of random classes patch-worked together by various astrologers with differing opinions; nor is it a single astrologer from one background or tradition teaching a personal view of the principles. This course is rooted in nature’s code and is backed up by both scientific & spiritual acumen and insight and all that follows the ‘flow of light’!

Who is this for?

“The Language of Light” curriculum is for everyone…!

“The Astrology Course” has been constructed using the “Language of Light” vocabulary, merging both science and meta-physics into a spiritual, yet practical lexicon. Light itself contains the knowledge that you seek, so learn to read it for yourself!

Designed for both the spiritually-seeking and the scientifically-minded; the curious layperson and the seasoned professional! Update and connect your own ‘conscious language’ vocabulary! To better understand our & understand our chords in the Song of the Cosmos!

How & Why ?

Through the hidden and forgotten meanings of words, ancient alphabets and symbolism, the truth of Light & the Wisdom of the past is revealed! Combined with modern understanding of physics, we can better comprehend ALL realities…

We speak this language daily and live by the very concepts that we teach! It helps us find center, to grow, to heal from traumas, and to more consciously guide our future – and unlock the true mysteries of this world!

A ‘new way’ of thinking about our purpose in LIFE…

Conscious Languaging

Learn the ‘grammar’ & phonetics of the cosmos & consciousness itself.

Deep Inner Healing

The axiom “know thyself” is a key to healing the body & the soul.

Sacred Wisdom

ASTRAM is a syzygy of ancient understanding & new knowledge

The “Meta-Mind Method™” is a unique way to learn about the Universe! It is a launching pad to better explore the inner & outer Cosmos for yourself


Astrology in the Age of Information & Beyond!

We will explore the answers to some of the questions about the spiritual mysteries that you may have had for a long time… And we will answer some the questions that you may have never thought to even ask…

We live in an age of information (and perception), and the speed and volume of information is increasing exponentially everyday and every hour. With ASTRAM’s Meta-Mind Method, which we employ throughout the course, you will be able to learn MULTIPLE ‘languages’ at the same time and FASTER than any other course on Consciousness, Astrology and the Metaphysical Realities!

Most current ‘university-style courses’ in astrology are multi-year programs built on ‘college industry standards’ of a bygone pre-computer age. We embrace the NEW SPEED at which the mind can take in and process information and turn it into practical and useable knowledge! This ain’t your grandma’s astrology! Unless you’re an Aquarian Age grandma, that is!

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We at ASTRAM™ are committed to Enlightenment

Enlightenment” is a not an end goal… it is a lifestyle. It is the act of awakening with ever more intention along the journey. It is not a ”new age fad”; it is step on the shared ancient and deeply inward study of all Self. It is lifelong devotion. It is self-perpetuating, it is experienced in the outside world and brought on by changes from within ourselves.

Learn & Know

Inner peace comes thru ‘understanding’‘ and then surpasses it.


Calm the storms. Find balance of mind body and spirit. Let that new peace become you.

Heal & Grow

Reconcile the pains of the past with new perspective & expand into your true self.

Live By & Teach

Make the principles of nature a central core of life and share it others.