Astram-TLC | For Additional Learning

The Learning Center

In addition to the ASTRAM Academy with it’s certified courses & core curriculum, we have added ‘The Learning Center’ for a wider variety of shared classes, programs and offerings for further insight, transformation & better living.

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Mindful Meditations

It starts with a thought… whether it you practice open-mind meditation or meditations with specific intention (there is value in both), we exercise the mind like breath. Join us in mindless and mindful connections.

Astrological Yoga

We also teach a blend of astrology and yoga asana practice called Kalāchakra Yoga™. Here we provide classes and training teachers in this form of yogic practice.

Metaphysical Practices

Alchemy, advanced divination, crystal works, mantra & sound healing… and much more. Find your niche and what works for you.

Lessons t0 Live By

It’s time to get serious about living a better life. Sometimes just applying simple ancient axioms or basic understandings of life can set us on a better path. It doesn’t have to be complicated.

Faith & Religion

Sometimes controversial, sometimes inevitable; a loose faith or deep convictions can be both our alley and possibly a roadblock to truth. Learn more about these in a new way.

Spiritual Philosophy

“Natural philosopher” is a term is seldom used today but it was often applied to astrologers, priests, and scientists. Learn to see all of nature’s process through a philosophic eye.


The planets & stars correspond to our particles and to our pathways. They reflect both time and energy specific to us and our generations. Learn to love the stars again!

Spectral Science

“Everything frequency, energy, and vibration.” Matter owes its existence to sound and its animation to light. And fundamentally, they are the same field of energy.

Quantum Mysticism

Don’t be afraid to be called a “quantum mystic”. The world of the small teaches us the pathways of matter and mind.

Wanna take it ‘Next level’?

Extended Programs

Spread the word and make it worth your time! Much more to come!