WELCOME to the ASTRAM Fellowship!!

Whether you are completely new to esotericism, metaphysics, mysticism, astrological science & spiritual growth – or you have been doing this work and actively ‘seeking truth’ for decades, THANK YOU for taking the first steps in a different direction by joining us at ASTRAM in the shared quest for higher consciousness. You have chosen the right place to begin.


  • Safe Data: We do not sell or share ANY of the information which you provide here. It is against the ‘code of ethics’ in our professional field. You may remove any profile or personal data at anytime.
  • Freebies: Members, teachers and staff do not give ‘free consultations’ (please do not ask).
  • Respect: Profanity, abuse or will not be tolerated. Please respect everyone for the journey they are on whether you agree with them or not.

DISCLAIMER: This NOT for ‘entertainment’ purposes. These courses, this work, information and practices are taken seriously as a framework for better living in union with nature.