AACT Affiliate Certified Teacher Program

Whether you are taking “The Astrology Course” as a path to a counseling practice, to teach, for self-help or for personal interests, we offer a number of benefits and programs, including the AACT (ASTRAM Affiliate Certified Teacher) path


For those who select this path, maintain the certification with a yearly continuing education (CE) class and remain in ‘good standing’. Complete your personal course certification, your AACT certification and begin receiving your additional referral incentives and student-paid tutoring options,

  • Enroll in the ASTRAM Academy & “The Referral Program” (free affiliate class)
  • When offered, take the preparatory “AACT” class. It can be take in conjunction with or after course completion.
  • Complete the 9 Modules of the core coursework – “The Astrology Course”
  • Agree to the terms of the copyright and materials usage. (*This is required.)
  • Maintain your certification and stay in ‘good-standing’ with ASTRAM.
  • Some requirements may change as circumstances arise.


After completion of the course, AACT teachers in good standing may be eligible for the ‘tutoring program’, in which ASTRAM will refer you to participant/students who wish to receive personal contract tutoring alongside the coursework. (This is subject to the student selection, schedule and tutor availability.)

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