ASTRAM Referral Program

How can you start making money with astrology right away… EVEN BEFORE YOU HAVE FINISHED TAKING THE MAIN COURSE..?

WORD of MOUTH’ Marketing Gets Rewarded

As an incentive to promote yourself and to promote ASTRAM™, we have created the Referral Marketing Program.

  • Enroll in ASTRAM™ and apply for “The Astrology Course”, the 9 Module core coursework.
  • Take the free Add-On Referral Class at any time after completion of Modules 1 & 2 (Initiation).
  • Collect referral discounts on future additional classes & subsequently direct monetary incentives for students whom you bring in, who take and *complete* the coursework. (*Details in the Referral Class)
  • After you complete “The Trivium” (Mods 3,4,5) you will be eligible to receive fees (commissions) and additional fees quarterly, as those whom you have referred complete the full course.
  • After you finish “The Astrology Course” and receive your Certificate of Completion, make additional passive income simply for *referring participants/students….it’s that simple (*participant/students must complete the course)
  • (You may wish to consider enrolling in the Affiliate Teacher Program, and becoming an ASTRAM™ Certified Affiliate Teacher in good standing, and receive higher percentages and other opportunities.)


Whether you are taking “The Astrology Course” as a path to a counseling practice, to teach, for self-help or for other personal interest, we offer a number of benefits and programs, including the AACT (ASTRAM Affiliate Certified Teacher) path.

For those who select this path, maintain the certification with a yearly continuing education (CE) class and remain in ‘good standing’. Complete your personal course certification, your AACT certification and begin receive your additional referral incentives and student-paid tutoring options, *Details in the AACT Class

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